The Blacklight Run

I love running.

…That’s a lie. I hate running, BUT I love the way running makes me feel and that’s gotta count for something. After I go for a run I feel so accomplished. Exhausted, but accomplished. I’ve been looking for ways to help me actually enjoy running. Doing so, I’ve really started getting into “fun runs“ (thanks to my mom). I’ve done a Color Run before (and it was AWESOME!) so I was really excited by the idea when my mom suggested we try the Blacklight Run. For a little context, the Blacklight Run is a 5k in which glow powder is thrown at the runners periodically through the course. The most exciting part about these kinds of runs is the after party.

I’m just gonna cut to the chase. The Blacklight Run after party was the bomb! The music was awesome. The DJ was full of energy from start to finish. I had so much fun and it made running up and down hills for 3.2 miles totally worth it.

Obviously every course is different, considering that the Blacklight Run tours across the country, but I really enjoyed our specific course even though it totally kicked my butt. There were hills of varying inclines, but we ran around Lake Olmstead, which was nice even though it was dark. We all met back up at the stadium for the after party. We were given a powder packet to start off with, but by the end I had collected about 10, give or take. The MC threw glow packs, glow necklaces, and even t-shirts along with other merchandise throughout the party into the crowd, so it was easy to accumulate several up front in what I call “the pit”.

As we danced the night away to a variety of pop and hip-hop music (past and present) there were powder throws about every 15 minutes. This is when hundreds of glow packets are thrown into the crowd so pretty much everyone has at least one. At this point everyone opens their packet (one they caught or already had) and then everyone throws a packet into the air. A giant puff of colorful powder engulfs everything and everyone within a 100-foot radius. This process repeats over and over again until the end of the party. I have no idea how long I was there. Time seemed to cease to exist, honestly. My mom and I didn’t even stay for the whole thing because I had a toddler to get home to.


All in all, the Blacklight Run was beyond fun. I got a good workout out in and probably burned even more calories dancing like no one was watching (cause as my mother says “I ain’t ever gonna see these people again”). If you love a good fun run I highly recommend the Blacklight Run. I paid only 15 bucks for registration, which came with a powder pack, a black light temporary tattoo, and a t-shirt. My husband dropped us off, so we didn’t even have to pay for parking. If a Blacklight Run is coming your way, DO IT! You won’t regret it.


**If you choose to participate in a Blacklight Run here’s a few tips:

  1. Close your eyes and your mouth as you run through the powder zones.
  2. Unless you want them for or before the run, don’t buy glow necklaces or powder packs. They toss them out in DROVES during the after party. I still have 2 powder packs that I didn’t even use and 5 glow necklaces that I didn’t purchase as souvenirs.
  3. Have a plastic sleeve for your phone. Whether is one you buy or just a Ziploc bag, make sure there is something protecting your phone from the powder (and glow liquid that will inevitably be thrown) when you’re trying to take pictures.
  4. Have fun! There were people literally upset because we apparently only ran 3 miles instead of 3.2 miles. Don’t be that person. Just enjoy yourself.

Do you know of any other super cool fun runs? Tell me about them! I’d love to try out more.