OOTD Halloween Edition

Happy Halloween, ya damn hippies! I hope everybody is feeling spooookkkyyy. Halloween is my favorite time of year and even though I am what is loosely considered an adult I still LOVE dressing up. Now that I have a little one, I have someone to dress up with me considering my husband (handsome as he is) is a total stick in the mud. Little Buddha was a cowboy this year so I decided to be a cowgirl. Cowboy/girl costumes are probably one of the easiest to make. I just grabbed a button down shirt and some comfy blue jeans from my closet. I had a bandana laying around and strangely enough I own western boots cause it’s just my style (American Eagle by the way). All I needed was a hat which I found at the costume store for 10 bucks. I had such an epic night. Hope you all did too!🎃👻