Jeepin’ Outfit

October is finally here so I decided to take the top and doors off the Jeep and go for a little adventure. Hubby and I found the perfect little backroad by our house and had some fun. Of course we had to stop and take a picture (or twelve). I wore a boyfriend v-neck from Old Navy that is my absolute FAVORITE shirt. It’s the perfect color for my skin and it’s so comfortable. I took a Nike sweatshirt with me just in case I got cold from all the wind and wore my favorite printed Nike running shorts (just in case my partner in crime and I got in more trouble than expected 😉). I would consider this to be my PERFECT Jeepin’ outfit minus a hat. This day I felt like feeling the wind in my hair. I was sure to bring a hair tie though. It was much needed. I think the best part of this outfit, however, is the gorgeous red machine I’m sitting on. Every damn hippie should have one! ✌